Kingdom Hearts' Sora Is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Final DLC Character

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Nearly three years since it launched, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster is finally complete. After inviting people to tune into this last DLC showcase, director Masahiro Sakurai confirmed that Sora from Kingdom Hearts is Ultimate's final character.

Sora rounds out a long list of DLC characters from Ultimate's Fighters Pass, which has seen some notable crossovers. That's previously brought us Persona 5's Joker, Tekken's Kayuza, Banjo & Kazooie, Minecraft's Steve and Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth.

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Kingdom Hearts' Sora Is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Final DLC Character

Like every character, Sora comes with 7 alternate costumes. While his default appearance is based on how he looked in the original Kingdom Hearts, there's further options based on Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts III too. Valor Form, Wisdom Form, Ultimate Form and Timeless River costumes are also included.


While Sakurai showed off Sora's full moveset outside of his final Smash, he also confirmed Sora's stage is based around Hollow Bastion, a familiar sight to fans of the original game. Nine songs have been added too, but if you've got Melody of Memory save data on your Switch, that unlocks the Swing Version of Dearly Beloved.

As part of this last update, new spirits based on popular Kingdom Hearts characters have been added. We've got three new Mii Costumes too: Judd and Octoling from Splatoon alongside DOOM's protagonist, the Doom Slayer. Sora joins Ultimate on October 18th, 2021.