Kazuya Mishima - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Moveset

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You may have seen that Tekken's Kazuya Mishima is the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character. Marking the 10th member of the Fighters Pass, he joins a long line-up of all-stars, including Persona's Joker, Dragon Quest's Hero, Banjo-Kazooie, Terry Bogard, Byleth, Min Min, Minecraft Steve, Sephiroth and Pyra and Mythra.

We got a presentation yesterday which gave us a closer look at his new moveset, alongside confirmation of his release date. If you're looking to see how Kirby copies his abilities, we've got you covered right here, but for everyone else, here's what you need to know about Kazuya's moves.


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Aerial Attacks

  • Back Air - Jumping Sobat: This is an aerial backwards spinning kick.
  • Down Air - Demon Scissors: Kazuya jumps up, using his demon form for a powerful downward scissor kick.
  • Forward Air - Searing Edge: Kazuya performs a low jumping kick.
  • Neutral Air - Jumping Knuckle: Kazuya jumps up and punches downward, using a meteor effect.
  • Up Air - Rising Toe Kick: Kazuya jumps, using his foot to launch opponents by kicking them.

Crouch Options

  • Crouch Dash: Forward + down + forward diagonal. Kazuya dashes forward and his upper body is briefly invincible.
  • Crouch Jab: Down tilt + A while crouching allows short punches.
  • Crouch Spin Kick: Tilt diagonally backwards + A lets Kazuya do a sweeping kick.
  • Demon God Fist: Crouch + A while standing up. If Kazuya attacks while standing from a crouch, that unleashes a purple punch that makes opponents heavily flinch.
  • Dragon Uppercut: Forward + down + forward diagonal + press and hold A. That unleashes an uppercut with high launching power.
  • Spinning Demon to Left Hook: Forward + down + forward diagonal + B. Adds a left hook punch to a kick during crouch dashing.
  • Tombstone Crusher: Tilt forward diagonal + A. Kazuya rolls into a kick that's usable for counters.
  • Wind God Fist: Similar to Crouch Dash but if you press A at the end, that'll launch enemies with a gust of air.

Grabbing And Throwing

  • Back Throw - Steel Pedal Drop: Kazuya grabs an opponent, using his down move to flip them over his shoulder.
  • Down Throw - Stonehead: Once grabbed, Kazuya headbutts the opponent.
  • Forward Throw - Double Face Kick: This allows two side-to-side kicks, launching the opponent.
  • Grab - Sternum Smash: Kazuya grabs an opponent around their chest for significant damage.
  • Special Throw - Gates of Hell: Tilt forward diagonal + down tilt + tilt forward diagonal + grab. Kazuya will down an opponent, kicking them forward.
  • Up Throw - Air Inferno: Kazuya launches his opponent into the air, throwing demon energy at them.

Normal Attacks

  • Dash Attack - Leaping Sidekick: Rush forward to kick whilst dashing.
  • Flash Punch Combo: A + A, pause, A. Kazuya blasts opponents back if a gap is left after a second neutral attack. Then push A again.
  • Flash Tornado: This kick/punch combo can serve as a counterattack, achieved by pressing A during a back tilt.
  • Jump Side Kick: Tilt up diagonally + A for a short jump kick.
  • Left Splits Kick: Tilt forward twice + A. Kazuya kicks projectiles back towards opponents.
  • Nejiri Uraken: Tilt down + A to attack whilst moving forward, which grants brief invincibility.
  • Neutral (10 Hit Combo): Kazuya cycles through multiple moves as you hold or repeatedly push A.
  • Oni Front Kick: Forward tilt + A to have Kazuya kick straight out and launch opponents at a low trajectory.
  • Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kicks: Tilt diagonally and hit A four times.
  • Stature Smash: Tilt backwards diagonally + A to kick an opponent and floor them.
  • Tsunami Kick: Tilt down diagonally and press A twice to do a double kick, launching the opponent if both land.
  • Twin Pistons: Tilt up + A x 2. Kazuya launches enemies upwards with a punch and kick combo.

Special Moves

  • Down Special - Heaven's Door: Kazuya grabs the opponent and slams them down to the ground. During this attack, Kazuya is granted super armor and cannot be stopped. Similar to Bowser's Side Special, it can be used to drag opponents off the edge. This move can be used while either Kazuya or their opponent are airborne.
  • Final Smash - Final Blaster: Based on Kazuya's Rage Art from Tekken 7, if an opponent gets hit by an initial beam, Kazuya transforms into his devil form, unleashing a barrage of devil blasters.
  • Standard Special - Devil Blaster: Kazuya shoots a long-range high-speed beam, passing through multiple opponents. That can be aimed in a straight line, downward or upward.
  • Side Special - Devil Fist: Kazuya punches through opponents while rushing. Close opponents become immobile, while those further away only flinch. If it go through a shield, Kazuya becomes vulnerable.
  • Up Special - Devil Wings: Kazuya grows wings to propel upwards, moving slightly left or right and can be paired with a second attack.

Taunt Attack

  • Demon's Wrath - A side taunt ability. Kazuya will perform a high left kick, followed by a punch, followed by a low right kick, and ending with a left hook.