Fortnite In Smash? Epic Games Tease Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Crossover

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Many games have made collaborations with Smash Bros. in the past, with Minecraft as the most recent example.

Players tend to be pretty obsessed with teasers due to the possibility of some of their favourite characters making an appearance in Smash.


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Smash Ultimate x Fortnite Crossover

Recently in a Zoom call with Geoff Keighley, Donald Mustard and some fans, the topic of a Fortnite crossover arose.

Check out what the Creative Director had to say below.

What a fun Zoom call today with @thegameawards fans and special guest @DonaldMustard from @FortniteGame!
— Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley)
October 25, 2020

Well-known leaker, iFireMonkey has been keeping track of hints that could lead to Fortnite making its way into Smash.


The biggest link is an announcement coming for Fortnite on December 10th at The Game Awards.

This won't be the first time that they have revealed something big before, as they have done previously in 2018 with the Block.

In that same year we saw Persona 5's Joker come to Smash – might this year bring a similar reveal?

Many have continued to ask Donald Mustard about the topic and he stated he can't comment on it.

👀Fortnite Intel | Live Events & More👀In a recent Zoom call with Geoff Keighley and Donald Mustard, a few hints had been revealed about the future of Fortnite.This info comes from a source who would like to remain anonymous however is credible.
— FireMonkey • Fortnite Intel 🎄 (@iFireMonkey)
October 28, 2020

As of right now, we can't be 100% sure that this crossover will become a reality, but we can be hopeful!


Over the years we've seen loads of characters come to Smash Bros. and fingers crossed the same will happen for Fortnite.

Keep December 10th in mind!