Fastest Way to Unlock Characters in Smash Ultimate

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate might have one of the biggest rosters in fighting games, if not the biggest, and is undoubtedly the most ambitiouscrossover game in video game history.

The sheer amount of characters in the game can be overwhelming, especially if you have a widescreen television, so chances are that you’re going to have more than one favorite when playing the game.

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Fastest Way to Unlock Characters in Smash Ultimate

Honestly, the only downside to the huge roster is having to unlock most of the fighters.

You start out with a handful of fighters and have to unlock everyone else, which can be really time-consuming.

While the DLC characters are available right away, the base roster has to be unlocked through manual play, whether it’s through the game’s Classic Mode, the repetitive World of Light, or even through regular Smash matches.

In fact, playing through 1-on-1 Smash matches seems to be the best way to unlock a number of these characters.

On the main menu, pick Smash, make sure you’re fighting against the AI, set the time limit to one minute, then win or lose the match.

After this, a challenger silhouette will appear, meaning you will be able to fight and unlock a new character.

When you’re doing this, make sure to use a character that you are familiar with so unlocking these characters becomes a simple process.

Losing a match to the new character sucks but you will be able to fight them again after some time passes, with the option appearing in the main menu.

Honestly, it’s a really taxing experience unlocking the Smash Ultimate roster but it’s worth the effort.

Being able to use one of the 80+ characters, assuming you bought the DLC, makes these sessions with friends fun.

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