Super Animal Royale Leaves Early Access, Launching Across All Major Consoles

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Super Animal Royale's slowly gained a following. Previously released in early access for PC and Xbox One (Game Preview), Pixile Studios' battle royale saw 64 genetically modified critters fight to survive, dropping into 2D battles from a giant eagle. Now, its leaving early access for full release.

Surprise dropping last night, Super Animal Royale's also launched for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, too. It's free-to-play and as part of their announcement, Pixile Studios also confirmed plans to launch on Google Stadia and GeForce Now later on.

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Super Animal Royale Leaves Early Access, Launching Across All Major Consoles

You can watch the trailer below, but that's not all they've changed. Outlined within a new blog post, publishers Modus Games confirmed these new additions:

  • Season 1 arrives alongside the Animal Pass Archive that lets you activate previous seasons that you own alongside the current season (no more FOMO!)
  • Mini Animal pets: yes, your Super Animal can now have a smaller animal as a pet.
  • Map update: Super Animal Farm expands to include Mini Ranch, a petting zoo for Mini Animals
  • Super Frogs
  • New Super Powerups + changes to existing Super Powerups
  • Variety x SAR Petember collaboration to raise funds for assistance dogs for kids in need
  • Steam achievements
  • South America server + Brazilian Portuguese language
  • Controller improvements, gameplay refinements, gun balancing, performance improvements, and more!

As for future plans, Pixile confirmed an Asia launch is coming later on, alongside improvements to cross-play. While cross-play matchmaking and cross-saves are currently supported, cross-platform parties for "duos and squads" are planned in the future.

Source: Games Press

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