Subnautica Below Zero: Where to Go After the Greenhouse

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If you’ve gone to Marguerit Maida’s Greenhouse in Subnautica Below Zero, you’ll have new information about Robin’s sister, Sam, but that’s not necessarily easy to translate to a direction and an objective. If you want to know where to go after the Greenhouse in Below Zero, we’ve laid out the path to take here.

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Where to Go After the Greenhouse in Subnautica Below Zero

After you reach the Greenhouse in Subnautica Below Zero, make sure you pick up the PDAs that Maida points you towards, as these are what indicate your next target (though they’re not totally clear about it). Sam mentions a Frozen Leviathan and the Kharaa bacteria in her notes, which marks your next objective: find and cure the Frozen Leviathan of Kharaa.

How to Find the Frozen Leviathan

The Frozen Leviathan is in a cave system some way to the Southwest of the Phi Robotics Lab, but we recommend you build the Snowfox hoverbike first, as it’s a long way and it can help you clear a difficult journey a lot faster. Check out our guide on that, and once you have a Snowfox, take it to the Phi Robotics Lab and take the following directions:

  • Head to the Landing Pad area and go Southwest.
  • Follow the path until it turns South into a cave. There’ll be a frozen river inside - follow that under a bridge of Ice before heading left up the slope.
  • At the top, turn right and head on towards the cliff with icicles above. Follow the path that heads South over it.
  • Eventually you’ll reach a clearing with trees and a radio tower. Head for the tower itself; there’s a cave on the left side.
  • Follow the cave until you see a massive wall of ice with the Leviathan Frozen inside. There’ll be excavation tools around it that you can use, along with further equipment you can scan.
Subnautica Below Zero Robin with Snowstalker

How to Cure the Frozen Leviathan

The Frozen Leviathan itself needs to be cured using the device at the top of the elevator next to the Leviathan. There’ll be an option to “Insert Antidote”. However, you’re unlikely to have that yet, but don’t worry: the whole excavation area is specifically filled with clues and information to explain how one is made. Make sure to scan and interact with everything before moving on.


The best thing you can do for the following steps is make sure you have the Seatruck and all it’s modules unlocked, which we’ve explained right here. Or find out how to get the most oxygen possible at our tank upgrade guide!