Does Subnautica Below Zero Have VR Support?

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The first Subnautica was designed with some level of compatibility with Virtual Reality headsets, allowing players to really immerse themselves in the alien sea. But does Subnautica Below Zero have VR support? We’ll lay out everything you need to know about the game and VR just below.

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Does Subnautica Below Zero Have VR Support?

No, at time of writing Subnautica Below Zero does not officially support VR on any console or PC set-up, despite it being a part of the previous game. However, that does not mean that VR will not be coming to the game in the future. According to Upload, Below Zero’s Project Lead David Kalina suggested that “maybe it’s something we’ll look at again in the future,” but made little comment on the specifics. It’s honestly not even a guarantee it’ll happen at all, but they seem open to the idea and we’ll update this page when new information emerges one way or another.

Subnautica Below Zero keep calm poster shot from trailer
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Subnautica Below Zero VR Mods

There do appear to be options for players who want to mod in a certain level of VR compatibility for Below Zero. A particularly popular Mod for that purpose can be found here at NexusMods, though we advise the usual caution when modding games; as we have not tried this one for ourselves and cannot confirm its safety or functionality. As ever, use due caution when downloading unofficial mods and altering games you’ve purchased.

Either way, you should be ready when playing Subnautica Below Zero in any form. Check out how to build your own base and outfit it properly here, or check out how to find any mineral and metal in the game here!