Subnautica Below Zero: Spiral Plant Clippings Location

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One of the trickiest things to find in Subnautica Below Zero is the Spiral Plant, a rare flora used to get Spiral Plant Clippings and craft Synthetic Fibres. However, with no way to know where to find them, we’ll show you the Spiral Plant's location and how to find them in our guide below.

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How to Get Spiral Plant Clippings in Subnautica Below Zero


For those looking to find the Spiral Plant’s location in Subnautica Below Zero, you’ll need to head to two areas: the Deep Purple Vents and the Tree Spires. They grow in both areas; recognisable as tall, thin white plants with red coral running up their length in spirals, before the tip widens into a fan shape.

To find the Spiral Plant, we’ll show you how to find the easiest route and path to get them below.

Spiral Plant Location

  • Head Southeast from the Starting Lifepod for roughly 1000 meters.
  • Watch out for predators along the way - the location you’re going to is safe, but the route there is not.
  • Eventually you’ll see the Purple Vents - cracks in the ground with purple plasma energy coming out in jets.
  • Keep heading on the same trajectory Southeast until you see the huge shipwreck of the Mercury 2.
  • From there, head East-by-Northeast and dive down along the seabed until you see the other section of the Mercury 2 wreckage, the back half of the ship.
  • Head to the seafloor that the wreckage is sitting on - roughly 150-200 meters below sea level - and comb back and forth in that vicinity to find the Spiral Plants. They spawn randomly here.
  • You can find more if you head South-East from the wreckage and dive further, all the way down to 300 meters where some alien structures are waiting. Again, randomisation is an element in play here, so where they spawn can vary.

How to Get Spiral Plant Clippings

Spiral Plant Clippings can be obtained by hitting a Spiral Plant with your Knife, essentially cutting it into pieces. Each plant yields two Clippings before disappearing. However, you only need five pieces to make everything important derived from them, so hold onto five pieces and you should be covered. Alternatively…

How to Farm Spiral Plant Clippings

If you only manage to get one or two pieces, you can still make do. Use your Habitat Builder to create an Exterior Growbed at your base, then plant any Clippings you have into it. Over time they’ll grow into a full Spiral Plant, which can then be farmed. Considering every Plant yields two clippings and you can only need one to grow a new one, this can be done infinitely.

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