Subnautica Below Zero: How to Find the Phi Robotics Center

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The Phi Robotics Center is an integral area in Subnautica Below Zero, an abandoned laboratory that contains multiple useful pieces of technology and equipment for players to make use out of. We’ll show you how to find the Phi Robotics Center here, as well as the best way to make the journal.

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How to Find the Phi Robotics Center in Subnautica Below Zero

The Phi Robotics Center in Subnautica Below Zero can be found far inland on the West side of the map. The route to it isn’t too dangerous, suitable for mid-game players - we recommend making sure you have the Seatruck before you try it.

Subnautica Below Zero canyon leading to Phi Robotics Center
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How to Get to the Phi Robotics Center

  1. Go to Delta Island, South of the starting Drop Pod.
  2. From there, go directly West.
  3. Along the way, you’ll find small icebergs that form makeshift islands. Ignore them and keep heading West.
  4. Eventually you’ll hit a wall of ice that stops you from progressing. Follow it North.
  5. After a while you’ll see strange translucent jellyfish with purple tendrils. Don’t worry, they’re completely harmless. They’re also hanging around a break in the wall that leads to a raving-like path going further West - take that path, going around the Jellyfish.
  6. Stay near the surface, and you should see a metal bridge overhead, with a path you can walk up on the left side. If you’re playing on PC, the coordinates of this are: -1090, 0, -290.
  7. Leave your ship and walk up the path, moving quickly so you don’t freeze.
  8. Along this path are geysers of steam that can be used to warm you back up. Stand near one whenever you get the chance.
  9. Follow the path immediately left, curving around to the South. You’ll know your going the right direction as there’s a low-hanging stone bridge immediately above you, with a radio tower beyond that.
    To the right of the radio tower, due South, is a huge canyon you can walk into, a split in the sheer cliffs (if this is your first time you’ll get a radio message signally the centre is close).
  10. Immediately the canyon splits into a choice of whether to go right (West) or left (Southeast). Take the left/Southeast path.
  11. Follow the cave (freezing isn’t a problem inside) until you emerge into an open space surrounded by cliffs on all sides. Directly opposite you, on the far West side, is the Robotics Centre! It’s a huge grey door with the name inscribed on it, just head over and you’ll be safe. The coordinates are -1182, 17, -654.
Subnautica Below Zero Phi Robotics Center canyon and location
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Phi Robotics Center Crafting, Items and Scannables

The Phi Robotics Center serves as both a story and progression hotspot, with useful plot info and numerous objects to find and scan. Players can scan for the blueprints of the Cold Suit, Laser Cutter, Snowfox and Spy Pengling, numerous Base sections and props, as well as find some useful base items like Batteries.

Of course, players can also use the Robotics Center as a starting point on getting the excellent Snowfox Hoverbike, which we’ve laid out how to do here. Alternatively, now you’ve got scans for the Cold Suit, you’ll need Stalker Fur, which we’ve explained how to get here!

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