Subnautica Below Zero: How to Get Lithium

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Lithium is a powerful late-game resource in Subnautica Below Zero used to create durable materials and the useful Plasteel component. We’ll show you how to get Lithium in Subnautica Below Zero, as well as its location and the best things to craft with it in our guide below.

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How to Get Lithium in Subnautica Below Zero

To get Lithium in Subnautica Below Zero, players can find it located in various mid-to-late game areas, simply lying on the seafloor as a single object. Lithium is a bulky, silvery metal in a vaguely cubic shape, and tends to stand out against most backgrounds fairly distinctly. We’ll go into the best place to specifically find it next.

Subnautica Below Zero purple vents predator

Lithium Location

Lithium is found in a variety of biomes in the East and South areas of the map, but we find the area that’s best to search in is the Purple Vents biome, which can be found on the East side of Delta Island, South of the starting drop pod. Head to the underwater geysers spouting purple fire and Lithium will be adhering to the ground and walls in that area. Use a Mineral Detector to narrow down if it helps, and beware of the predators around the area - they’ll leave you alone if you give them space. A Seaglide can help you navigate faster and escape threats, and if you have a Seatruck, use it to navigate the whole area more safely as a whole.


Lithium Crafting Uses

Lithium’s main use is to be combined with Titanium Ingots to craft Plasteel, a material that has a lot of high-level functions for building base and vehicle components (such as the majority of Seatruck Modules and the Prawn Suit). You can also use Lithium to craft various vehicle upgrades, and to create the Ultra-High Capacity Oxygen Tank.

Of course, those doing base and vehicle crafting should also build a Moonpool, a base section that acts as a garage for your vehicles. Or building reinforcements for your Habitat requires Lead, which we’ll show you how to get here.