Street Fighter 5 Summer Update Broadcast Coming August 3, Will Feature Oro, Akira, "And More"

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Capcom has finally announced when they'll reveal more about the upcoming content for Steeet Fighter 5, with confirmation of a broadcast for the 2021 Summer Update.

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we've got all the details of when it's taking place, what they'll show and more just below, so read one!


When is the Street Fighter 5 Summer Update Broadcast?

The Summer Update 2021 is confirmed to take place on August 3 and according to the announcement, the devs are planning an hour-long digital event.

This is slightly strange since, the past broadcasts have typically been much shorter affairs, lasting around 30 minutes.

So whatever Capcom have to show us, it's going to be fairly meaty in terms of content.


Will Capcom Announce A Release Date For Oro & Akira?

Though it's not confirmed, we imagine that the broadcast will do a deep dive into Oro and Akira, as well as providing some tentative release dates for the characters.

Both of the upcoming DLC characters were unveiled back in early April this year when Capcom ran through the Spring Update. So we've been waiting some time for more info on these next characters joining the Street Fighter 5 roster.

Akira from Rival Schools in Street Fighter 5

Will Capcom Reveal Another DLC Character?

Again, there's nothing confirmed but it feels likely. The original announcement for the event read:

"The #SFVSummerUpdate2021 show is coming your way, exclusively on Twitch!" writes the official Street Fighter Twitter account. "Join us for updates and behind the scenes looks on #SFV including Oro, Akira, and more!"

Coupled with the fact this is a longer livestream, it's possible we could yet see a teaser for the next character squeezed in towards the end, just like we saw with Akira in April.

Oro from Street Fighter 5

How To Watch Tthe Street Fighter 5 Summer Update Broadcast?

Normally the broadcasts are availabel to watch on a multitude of sites, including the Capcom Fighters Twitch and YouTube channels.

For some reason though, it seems as though the 2021 Summer Update broadcast will only be available to watch on the Twitch Gaming channel, on August 3.

The broadcast has a start time of 3pm PT / 6pm ET / 11pm BST.