Street Fighter V Introduces Luke, The Final Season 5 Character

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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's Season 5 is getting an original character called Luke, one who offers a glimpse into Street Fighter's future.

While Season 5 receives its third and fourth characters soon - Oro The Hermit and Akira Kazama join the roster on August 16th - Capcom took this chance to offer a look at Season 5's final DLC character too.

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Street Fighter V Introduces Luke, The Final Season 5 Character

Arriving in November, Capcom offered this statement within a press release:

Luke is the fifth character for Season 5 and marks the final fighter added to Street Fighter V, bringing the total roster to 45. This brand new character will help expand the world of Street Fighter and provide fans with a glimpse into the future. Based off the brief gameplay video that was shown, Luke is a fighter that specializes in moving fast and hitting hard, so opponents will need to be on high alert and brace for impact.

As a mixed martial arts fighter, Luke prioritises punches and elbow strikes, capable of pulling off overhead kicks too. These strikes can produce projectiles too for range, while one V-Trigger doubles his hits per strike.

You can watch the announcement trailer above and Capcom has promised "more backstory information and gameplay details" before November.

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