Street Fighter 5 Oro combo dishes out massive 829 damage

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In Street Fighter 5, players have discovered that Oro has something painful on foe s that miss their reversals. Oro's V-Trigger, Tengu Stone, can allow him to reach up to 80% damage with the right resources. Here's how Oro can do this high damage output.

Street Fighter 5 Oro High Damage Combo

As seen on rarirario20's Twitter post, one of Oro's hard punishes can deal up to 829 damage. This combo can be achieved when an enemy whiffs or gets their EX reversal blocked while Oro has a full V-trigger meter and a full EX meter.


The combo starts with the optimal jump-in starter after a blocked EX reversal and an activated Tengu Stone V-trigger with a barrage of Heavy attacks that ends with his Critical Art. This setup is highly expensive and can be difficult to collect in actual matches.

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Why This Could Be Viable

This combo opens a potential for Oro to be a strong character in Street Fighter 5 in the long run. At times, players often have no choice but to rely on a EX reversal as it is a invulnerable option on waking up. Smart players often have an answer for this and defend against it to land a powerful punish to its sluggish recovery.


If given the opportunity to block an EX reversal, Oro has a chance to steal rounds as this whole combo can take 80% of a character's health. With a few hits on your foe, this combo can be a touch of death hit.

This combo can open up opportunities and shows potential for Oro to be a strong character in the game in the long run.

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