Street Fighter 5 - Luke: Release Date, Gameplay, Everything We Know So Far

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After previously teasing him, Capcom's finally revealed more details about the last DLC character for Season 5 for Street Fighter 5. This new character, Luke, is an aggressive brawler who excels at exerting pressure and having answers to every situation.

Telling us that Luke offers a glimpse into the series future, here's what we've seen about this new character:

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Street Fighter 5: Luke - Release Date

Capcom's confirmed that Luke will be released on November 29, 2021. He's available for those who've purchased the season pass or bought Luke's DLC separately.

This Street Fighter 5 DLC will be available for all of the game's platforms, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Street Fighter 5: Luke - Gameplay

As showcased in his gameplay reveal, Luke is designed as an aggressive character, one who likes to stay close to his opponents to deal punishment. That revealed most of his attacks and special moves allow him to get in, answering foes with attacks at any range.


More than just an offensive brawler, Luke comes with a set of fresh tools beyond the usual Street Fighter 5 interactions. Luke's new interactions are said to be in an upcoming Street Fighter project that Capcom are currently working on.

Last Character Of Season 5

As confirmed in previous reveals, Luke is the last character for Street Fighter 5's Season 5 content. Capcom looks like they're readying to introduce the next main Street Fighter entry as opposed to a Season 6, so we're not expecting further DLC.

We'll have to wait for Capcom's plans to know their next move after Luke's release.

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