XQc Causes Fresh Controversy With Gambling Streams

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An image of streamer xQc.

Huge streamer xQc, real name Félix Lengyel, is currently facing some controversy over on-stream gambling, with some accusing him of incorrect tagging of sponsored content and hypocrisy.

The present debate around Lengyel’s habit of live gambling stems from a recent stream in which he began playing on some slot machines at one point, prompting a discussion with some users in the chat over the practice.


This isn't the first time xQc has faced criticism over on-stream gambling either, having apologised and stated that he would stop doing it back in 2021.

XQc Causes Controversy With Gambling Streams

Despite this, and the fact that he’d also recently accused someone arguing that he would return to gambling of demonstrating “pure delusion”, the streamer seemingly did just that in two streams earlier this week.

The issue with this isn’t that gambling streams aren’t allowed on Twitch, but rather that many fans have accused streamers who promote gambling of promoting gambling websites to their viewers without the proper tags and also contributing to regular people getting addicted to gambling.


Given the enormous wealth of streamers like xQc, one major concern is that they can afford to gamble for longer than most, sticking around until they win big and arguably giving regular people a warped picture of the odds gamblers are truly facing. In the specific case of the Canadian streamer, he recently claimed that he lost $1.8 million to gambling over the course of a single month, leading his father to call him mid-stream in order to express concern.

Responding to similar accusations from his chat during a recent stream, xQc referred to the viewers as the true “hypocrites”, calling them out for supposedly reacting favourably to some streamers doing live gambling, but negatively to others. “People were selectively choosing and picking who they back up, when, if your whole motive or whatever is behind morals and ethics, you can’t pick and choose.” said the streamer, later adding: “at the end of the day I was like, dude, I love gambling, I like gambling, I’m just going to gamble, end of story.”

His response continued in the Twitch chat, where he said “every day, it’s a new complaint, a new problem”, called out fans for wanting him to be a role model, rather than just an entertainer and seemingly rescinded his 2021 apology for gambling.


The streamer has also just posted a youtube video featuring a stream clip in which he further addresses the controversy.

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