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Elden Ring's Morgott alongside streamer Luality.
Gaming News

Elden Ring streamer beats Morgott using motion controls

28 Feb 2023
The special pot friend awarded to victors of Elden Ring's Twitch Rivals tournament.
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Elden Ring anniversary Twitch Rivals tournament crowns Distortion2 and Maximum’s teams as its victors

24 Feb 2023
Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins next to GameSquare's logo.
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Ninja announces new role as Chief Innovation Officer at GameSquare Esports

23 Feb 2023
Elden Ring's logo next to the Twitch logo.
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Elden Ring’s anniversary Twitch Rivals tournament is seeing some of its top challenge runners battle in PvP and PvE

22 Feb 2023
Streamer Larxa alongside a character from Elden Ring.
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Elden Ring streamer is on the verge of beating the game using just her voice

17 Feb 2023