Ninja and MrBeast Confirm Upcoming $150k League of Legends Battle

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An image of Ninja.

Blue-haired streamer Ninja has officially accepted YouTube sensation MrBeast’s offer of a League of Legends showdown between the two, following a week of teases and building tension on Twitter.

Despite neither being primarily known for their League exploits, with Ninja having risen to fame mainly via Fortnite and Halo and MrBeast mostly playing Minecraft and GTA, League is their chosen battleground for the ‘Ultimate Crown’ event now set for July 9.


The rules of the game, in order to avoid any cheating, will be best of three and team-based, with the other competitors set to be revealed soon.

Ninja Accepts League of Legends Battle Invitation

MrBeast made the announcement of the event via his Twitter, sharing a promo image which suggests that the action, set to take place at Las Vegas’ HyperX arena, will also be live-streamed on Twitch via Crown Channel.


Following up on this announcement, Ninja also tweeted about the event, commenting: “it’s game time, @MrBeast you don't stand a chance.”

Host Crown Channel then posted a video hyping up the encounter, during which the pair engage in the kind of trash talk usually reserved for the boxing ring or the football pitch.

Among these savage barbs are Ninja asking: “MrBeast, does he even know what gaming is?” and MrBeast musing: “If I lose, for the rest of time I’m gonna be the guy who lost to Ninja”, whose skills he then compared to “some sort of infant or toddler”.


MrBeast also referred to Ninja as “an old, washed-up gamer”, to which the blue-haired one retorted: “I don’t think there’s enough practice in the world for Jimmy (MrBeast) to be good at League of Legends”.

With a build like this, neither party will want to have a bad showing on July 9, especially Ninja, whose latest foray into a competitive tournament didn’t end in victory, with the streamer having fallen in round one of Dr Disrespect’s ‘Hot Shot Duo Drop’ Fortnite event, which eventually saw Tfue and Zemie emerge victorious.

The Fortnite legend has also recently seen his icon skin return to Fortnite’s item store and revealed what happened to his planned involvement in an EVO Super Smash Bros tournament back in 2019, during a poker live stream that also featured MrBeast and fellow influencer Ludwig early last month.


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