Ninja Appears on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Following Rebrand

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Ninja on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show.
Credit: Ninja on Twitter.

Hours after a rebrand that’s earned mixed reviews from thus far, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show for the third time.

The streamer, famous for playing the likes of Fortnite, Halo and Apex Legends, popped by the studio to discuss the rebrand, his unadulterated love for Ryan Reynolds and playing a midnight release copy of Halo 3 on the Xbox 360 as a 14 year old.


“I’m staying up in my bed, just like waiting for him to come upstairs,” said Ninja, definitely speaking about his brother and fellow streamer BeardedBlevins bringing home Halo 3, rather than Ryan Reynolds, “with the game and be like ‘Tyler, we’re playing’, because that was the whole plan, the whole strategy.”

Ninja Appears on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show

When actually speaking about Reynolds, whom the streamer worked alongside on the film ‘Free Guy’, Blevins declared: “Of all the man crushes, man. I mean dude, what a stud. You know what I mean? I mean, wow.”


He then told the story of meeting Reynolds on set, saying: “I remember we went to film and he walked across the street, because they were able to close down an entire street of an actual city to film what we were there for and he like, pointed at me and like, just started walking across and, like, gave me and Jess a huge hug.”

“And you were like, ‘That’s Ryan Reynolds’” added Fallon, as the streamer comedically fanned himself.

Ninja also talked about his recent rebrand, which was announced via a Twitter video showing the streamer’s evolution over the years.

On the changes to his logo, Blevins said: “So yeah, we wanted something a little cleaner, a little more professional and dude, yeah, there it is man.”


However, despite it retaining some elements of the old one, some fans weren’t very impressed with the new logo, with competitive Halo player @ImKadaddle responding to the Twitter announcement: “respectfully, this is one of the worst rebrands I've ever seen”.

Beyond this, Blevins also spoke about the origins of his streaming career, saying: “I think when I started it was, like, $20,000 was the projected sales and I finally started making I think, like anywhere from, like $30,000 to $40,000 and I was also going to college full-time and working a job at Noodles and Company.”

Eventually the streamer decided to convince his family to let him pursue streaming full-time, saying: “Finally, I was like, ‘Mom, listen, if I make more than, you know, minimum wage, I’m like, I’m going to pursue this,’”, adding that he made a promise with both his girlfriend and his mother that he’d change this plan if he didn’t make enough money.


You can watch the full interview here:

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