Dr Disrespect’s Game Studio Makes Controversial NFT History

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An image of streamer Dr Disrespect.
Credit: Dr Disrespect on Twitter.

The controversial trends of NFTs and cryptocurrency may no longer be as ubiquitous on social media as they were late last year, but it appears the Dr Disrespect is still all-in on them.

The streamer, famous for playing PUBG: Battlegrounds, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Warzone, took to Twitter to comment “on another level…” in response to news of his game studio, Midnight Society, minting nearly 400,000 NFTs in under 17 hours.


This news comes amid the development of an FPS multiplayer shooter by Midnight Society which looks like it’s going to have significant NFT and blockchain elements to it, including NFTs which will grant early access to the game via a founder’s pass.

Dr Disrespect’s Game Studio Makes NFT History

Despite assurances from Dr Disrespect, real name Herschel Beahm, that the game’s NFT integration wouldn’t make it ‘pay to win’ during a YouTube stream on March 15 and his testimony that “you don’t have to have NFTs to play the game”, reception remains lukewarm.


For example, in response to the streamer’s Twitter post celebrating the news, several users have posted to express their disappointment regarding the inclusion of NFTs in the game.

“NFTs are dead” declared tech YouTuber Randomfrankp rather emphatically, while user @igotgame said: “Here I thought we were going to get the best of H1Z1, PUBG, Warzone, and new ideas... With good audio...all in one awesome BR game.....Yet....It was about NFTs. So disappointing.”

Several users questioned the environmental impact of producing so many NFTs so rapidly, with @WolfDarrington asking “What are you and your company doing to prevent the environmental degradation caused by this mass production?”

Ryan Wyatt, CEO of web3 company Polygon, whose technology was used to mint Midnight Society’s 400,000 NFTs, attempted to reassure others that there wouldn’t be a negative environmental impact, citing Polygon’s pledge to go carbon-negative in 2022.


According to a blog post on Midnight Society’s website by Studio Head Robert Bowling, NFTs being produced will each seemingly act as “a one-of-a-kind and tradable VisorCortex ID” to be displayed on players’ helmets in the game, which, according to Beahm, is currently codenamed Project Moon.

This practice has already faced a lot of high-profile criticism from people like Twitch streamer Asmongold, who described it as a “huge mistake” and questioned what effects it might have on Dr Disrespect’s reputation in the long term during a stream on March 16.

Maybe if the streamer continues down this path, more fans will echo the frustration of Twitter user @bigmandubs, who responded to Beahm simply saying: “We don’t care about NFTs man just make a cool game please”.


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