Dr Disrespect Unfollows YouTube Gaming Citing Lack of Support

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An image of Dr Disrespect at the NFL Draft.

Taking to Twitter, Dr Disrespect has declared that he’s no longer following YouTube Gaming’s account on the platform.

This turn of events apparently comes as a result of frustrations the streamer, real name Herschel Beahm, has with the platform over the amount of aid it gives to creators.


“They don’t support us one bit. Why would I support them?” said Dr Disrespect in the Tweet, adding: “Such a phony industry I’m in.”

Dr Disrespect Unfollows YouTube Gaming

The post garnered responses from several other prominent creators and accounts, including that of rival video platform Rumble, who tweeted: “Is it time?”, seemingly courting a possible switch to the platform.

Youtuber StoneMountain64 also encouraged Beahm to pursue other ventures, saying: “Setup a multi stream to (Facebook), expand the arena”.


On the other hand, FaZe Booya suggested that Disrespect could launch his own streaming service, in a similar manner to his creation of the game studio Midnight Society in December 2021.

Beahm also received plenty of support from fans in the thread, many of whom agreed with his sentiment that YouTube should be doing more and stated their willingness to switch platforms with the streamer if he should choose to do so.

This isn’t the first time that Beahm has encountered issues with a platform he’s used for streaming, with Twitch having infamously banned his account in June 2020 for an apparent community guidelines violation, prompting the streamer to move over to YouTube in the first place.


This Twitch ban eventually led to a legal dispute between the two parties, which was settled in March 2022, with neither party admitting any wrongdoing and Dr Disrespect announcing that he wouldn’t be returning to streaming on the platform.

The exact reason for the ban itself was never revealed by either side.

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