Stranger of Paradise Length - How Long Is It?

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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Neon attacking an enemy

Looking to try out another big game release of the year but not sure if your backlog can take it? The Stranger of Paradise length might just surprise you. Though it's a clear spin-off of a JRPG franchise typically known for taking around 40 hours to complete, this action-oriented take on the franchise isn't quite as demanding.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is an action role-playing game that is heavily focused on brutal battles with numerous different enemies. Here's how long it takes to beat Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - including the time it'll take to clear any optional content as well.

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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Jed
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How Long Does It Take to Beat Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin?

How long it takes to beat Stranger of Paradise will depend on how you approach it. There are several major factors that will affect how long the game will be - with player skill being a major factor as well.

Stranger of Paradise Length - Main Game

If you are looking to work through the story without taking on any of the extra missions, it can take around 18 hours to beat Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

Stranger of Paradise Length - Sidequests

When you combine the story with the extra missions and tasks, around four hours will be added to your game, taking the Stranger of Paradise length up to roughly 22 hours.

Stranger of Paradise Length - Completionist

However, if you want to complete everything, it will take you quite a while compared to the time it takes to complete the main story. If you want to find all of the items, collect everything, explore each area thoroughly, and complete every mission on offer, the game can take 27 hours to complete.

Now, it's worth mentioning that the times we've given are a rough guide. You may find that you get through certain parts of the game faster or slower than estimated, and that is completely fine. How long the game will take to complete will depend on how you approach it and how you decide to play it. If you want to spend an hour in one area, looking at the glowing corals to get an aesthetic screenshot, then you can.

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