Stranded Deep: How To Heal

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In Stranded Deep, players must always watch out for their health stats. Once this goes down, there is a high chance that their character would eventually not survive and die while travelling the Pacific Ocean.

Luckily, players can regenerate their health in various ways in the game. Although it may not be an easy process, it is advisable that they take the necessary actions even before their health line decreases.

So, without further ado, here are some ways for players to heal in Stranded Deep.


How to Heal in Stranded Deep

The most important thing players should do in Stranded Deep is to always look out for their health by observing the icons on their screen every now and then. This pertains to the Hunger and Thirst vitals which can be seen in the watch worn by players. They should be able to keep these vitals at least four bars. Over time, all these vitals will regenerate as players progress in the game.

To boost their Hunger and thirst, players may find food and water which can fill these stats in no time. For food, there is a lot of meat from fishing all over the island. There are also fruits in the trees surrounding the area.

Water could also be a good option to improve their Thirst stats. For clean water, some of the most common resources to get these include Palm Fronds and Fibrous Leaves. Players may search for a coconut flask, a piece of tarp, a lashing, a palm fond, and 3 rocks to build a Water Still.

Players should also respond to the possible status effects that may occur. It includes poison, sunstroke, and bleeding. Once they may provide remedies to any of those conditions, the Health of players will gradually regenerate and improve.