Stranded Deep: How To Get Health Up

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Players in Stranded Deep can get injured or suffer from various status effects that may lower their health vitals and stats in the game. This includes sunstroke, bleeding, and poison effects.

It's also possible to regain Health stats. This is possible once players overcome the status effects that impact them, as well as doing some vital things that could really help them to maintain their health in the game.

So, browse through this article and we have listed all the possible things players may do to get health up in Stranded Deep.

How to Get Health Up in Stranded Deep

Just like in real life, a person can regain their health and find strength by eating healthy food and clean water. This is also the case to survive in Stranded Deep. Being stranded means finding resources that would keep them alive.

Players can hunt for meat in the game. They may do fishing and eventually catch a handful of those by using a spear. There are also some fruits that can be found on trees in the forests.

But getting clean water could be a bit tricky in Stranded Deep. Players may need to build a Water Still from Fibrous Leaves as well as Palm Fronds. Having enough supply of clean water is a must in order to stay alive in the game.

Although it is also seen in the game that players that have high hunger and thirst meters would eventually be healed in a gradual manner. This is in contrast that it could be low. So, filling up one’s overall body system with food and water may increase the chance of getting their health up again.

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