Stranded Deep: How To Get Clay

In the game Stranded Deep, players could maximize materials to craft tools or other items they would need to survive. One of those is clay, which is very vital and essential to many recipes available in the game.

Scroll through this guide to know how to get clay in Stranded Deep. We will let you know what you will need to craft the material.

How to Get Clay in Stranded Deep

Players would need to collect clay stones within the area of the game. Luckily, it can be found in the shallow parts of the water, specifically those which are near the shore.

One significant characteristic of the clay stone is that it is larger compared to the other rocks. It also gets highlighted when players go near it.

Hitting the clay stones multiple times would turn those into the clay material itself. Players may use a pickaxe to easily pummel the stones. Once the clay is scattered around, players can begin collecting the material.

Clay can be used to craft various items and essential resources in the game. It includes the brick, Brick Station, Fuel Still, Water Bottle, and Furnace.

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