How to cure poison in Stranded Deep

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Many things in Stranded Deep can kill the player. One of the most abrupt ways to die is to be poisoned, which can happen in several ways. The player will know they have been poisoned when they see a message that says the player "doesn't feel so good."

The player's vision becomes green and tinged throughout the game, and many boils and rashes will appear on the player's arm. While poisoned, the player's health will slowly deplete over time and die if left untreated.

What can poison you in Stranded Deep?

Snakes, lionfish, sea Urchins, and Crown of Thorns starfish can poison the player. None of these things actively seek the player out and will not bother the player if they're left alone. However, as soon as the player gets too close or steps on them, they will be poisoned.

A screenshot of a table of items from the Fandom Wiki. Inside is the Snake, Lion Fish, Sea Snake, Sea Urchin, and Crown of Thorns Starfish.
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The list of things that can poison you from the Fandom Wiki

The regular snakes will charge the player if the player gets too close and needs to be shot with a projectile. Unwary players must keep watch against regular snakes, while the player should avoid the other poisonous creatures.

How do you cure poison in Stranded Deep?

The best thing a player can do once they realize they've been poisoned is to apply a cure. Some players do not have cures on hand, so they will need to make cures quickly. To create an antidote, players need a coconut flask and a pipi.

The player can combine a coconut and a lashing to make a coconut flask. Pipi plants look like many other plants, but they can be found even on the first island in the game. It is advisable to keep a pipi farm to have spare antidotes.

Otherwise, save-scumming is the smartest choice, which is when the player saves often. For more guides and tips on surviving and succeeding in Stranded Deep and other games, come back every day to GFinity.

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