How to craft Lashing in Stranded Deep

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The lashing in Stranded Deep is an essential ingredient in the game. Almost every recipe in the Stranded Deep uses the lashing, whether it's a building or a tool. To succeed in the game, the player needs to make as many of these as possible.

However, the lashing is not a material that requires no effort. It takes multiple steps to craft. Thankfully, this guide has the perfect method to make multiple lashings in the Stranded Deep.

The three steps to make a lashing in Stranded Deep

Craft a Stone Tool or use a knife

Before the player attempts to craft any lashings, players will need a cutting tool. It could be something like a stone tool or a refined knife. If the player does not have a knife, they just need one stone to make a Stone Tool. On every island, there will be multiple simple stones lying around; just pick one up.

Cut a Small Palm Tree into pieces

The islands in Stranded Deep have plenty of palm saplings and yucca trees. The Yucca tree looks like a six-foot tall spear with long palm leaves sticking out. A palm sapling resembles a spiky bush, about two feet tall. Cut these down to get some fibrous leaves for crafting.

To make one lashing, four leaves are needed. Players must keep in mind the limited nature of Stranded Deep's resources because trees do not grow back.

Craft a Lashing


After the player has picked up their required four fibrous leaves, they can craft a lashing from them. Open the crafting menu and create a lashing. This is incredibly basic and easy, but the usefulness of lashes cannot be overstated.

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