Valve Reportedly Working on Steam Handheld Console

There could be a portable Steam console on the horizon set to release as soon as the end of 2021.

Ars Technica confirmed new rumors from SteamDB’s Pavel Djundik about the existence of a new Steam handheld system tentatively called SteamPal, though details are still uncertain at present.

Ars Technica’s Sam Machkovech said the Steam handheld PC could be delayed or even cancelled at some point in the future, but it definitely exists in prototype form for now.

That said, we’d be surprised if it were cancelled.

As Machkovech also said, Steam is known for developing products and never taking them further, but Valve’s Gabe Newell recently teased some kind of Steam console experience for later this year.

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Valve Reportedly Working on Steam Handheld Console

Machkovech confirmed a few additional details about the Steam handheld console.

It’s said to run using Linux as an open-source platform and will use either AMD or Intel.

It also features a wide screen capable of handling multiple touch input and is similar to a Nintendo Switch, with the option to connect it to a larger PC like the Switch docks to TVs.

However, its side controllers would not be detachable.

Machkovech’s sources were unable to confirm SteamPal size, power, battery, and other specs.

Steam is one of the presenting publishers at the Summer Game Fest 2021 event, and while there's nothing suggesting we'll have a SteamPal reveal then, Newell could at least drop some more hints.

[Source: Ars Technica]

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