Steam Deck in Its ‘Final Stages of Development,’ Says Valve

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Steam Deck is reportedly in its 'final stages' and, according to Valve, is already nearing the end of development . As seen in a Steam Store post, Valve revealed that several kits are being shipped for testing, indicating their upcoming handheld is in its final stages.

These shipped consoles will then be tested by partner companies, who they haven't disclosed at the moment. They will then try and test the Steam Deck in all aspects, including the functionality, game output, and overall performance of the hardware itself.

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Steam Deck in Its ‘Final Stages of Development,’ Says Valve

While it seems that everything is going smoothly, Valve hasn't revealed a solid release date beyond Q4 2021. Yet with the final stages now taking place, it's safe to assume that we may have a holiday release sometime in December.

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For now, nothing's set in stone and all we can do is to wait for that official announcement. Make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as they happen.