Steam Deck Introduces “Deck Verified” To Check for Compatible Games

Valve is gearing up to launch Steam Deck this holiday season. Offering PC gaming though a new handheld device, this system will allow players to access Steam's entire catalogue from anywhere.

While Steam Deck's in its final stages of development, Valve's introducing a new system to identify which games are playable on the portable device. Separated into four categories, the entire Steam library is being examined to find out which titles are 'Deck Verified'.

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Steam Deck Introduces “Deck Verified” To Check for Compatible Games

Explaining this new scheme through an official video, each game examined on Steam Deck is based on four different features: display, input, seamlessness, and system support. Games that meet all four criteria will be 'VERIFIED', with a tick mark inside a green circle next to it.

Other Steam titles may not be verified but could be 'PLAYABLE', with an exclamation mark inside a yellow circle next to the game. That means that even though the game didn't pass all of Valve's criteria, it's still compatible with Steam Deck.

Certain features and other aspects could be missing, however. While other adjustments might have to be implemented, that could include using the touchscreen or manually picking controls.

Other games that aren't playable on the portable device, such as VR games, will be classed as "UNSUPPORTED" with a grey warning sign. The final class in 'UNKNOWN' means that Valve has yet to check if the game is compatible with their handheld system.

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These categories aren't set in stone however, with Valve assuring fans on their developer page that certain titles could become verified or playable later on.

We’ve already started reviewing titles and will continue to check games through launch and beyond. This is an ongoing evaluation of the entire catalog and a game's rating can change over time - titles will be re-reviewed as the developer releases updates or the Deck's software improves.

Steam Deck will start shipping out this December, with more units to follow across 2022.

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