New Reports State Starfield Is Now Targeting A Q1 2022 Release Date

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Another week, another Starfield rumour. With less than a month until E3 2021, we've heard plenty of talk about Bethesda's upcoming spacefaring RPG, which is reportedly being shown next month. While previous rumours stated a Holiday 2021 release was planned, a fresh report has now emerged suggesting it could arrive later.

This time around, the details come from VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb and Kinda Funny Games' Blessing Adeoye Jr. Having previously stated that Starfield is exclusive to Xbox and PC, Grubb's now advised in a tweet that Starfield will target a Q1 2022 release date.

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New Reports State Starfield Is Now Targeting A Q1 2022 Release Date

Until we get official word from Microsoft and Bethesda, we can only speculate what's happened. However, like we've seen with many other big releases, there's always a chance Starfield got pushed back due to development complications from the ongoing pandemic.

Three years on, we've still not seen a lot about this anticipated game beyond the official reveal trailer. We've seen some leaked screenshots and last week saw some concept art appear online but hopefully, we'll get something more formal next soon.

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