Microsoft Has Bought Advertising Time For Starfield This Year - Rumour

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Looks like Starfield could be central to Microsoft's plans for 2021, if a recent rumour is to be believed.

Ahead of a reported reveal at E3 2021, Xbox Era's Shpeshal_Ed has commented on Microsoft allegedly buying up advertising time for Bethesda Game Studio's next big RPG.

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Microsoft Has Bought Advertising Time For Starfield This Year - Rumour

Speaking on the latest episode of the show (found here), Shpeshal_Ed explained:

"The reason I believe Starfield is [launching in] 2021 is because Microsoft have already purchased ad time for it. For 2021. So, that is why I have always said I think it's 2021... It's not a guarantee of anything, don't get me wrong, they had done marketing deals for Halo Infinite as well."

"If you think logically about when they would have bought this ad time, it would have been during the pandemic. So if they’re buying ad time for a game to come out in 2021, during the pandemic, then obviously they must be aware of something we’re not."

While we've heard that the game is likely to appear at E3 in some capacity, the ongoing pandemic has made it tough to predict whether or not it'll launch in 2021.

Still, it does appear the leaks are becoming more frequent. It recently emerged that the game would be set in our own solar system. Find out more here.