Can You Pre-Order Starfield Yet?

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Starfield is available for Pre-Order in at least one region.

As soon as we all learned there would be an actual release date for Starfield, we took immediate action to secure it. Usually, pre-orders come with exclusive Betas or in-game and real-world goodies.

Concept artwork for Starfield. There is a person who looks like they just parked a space ship.
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I want to travel across the galaxy so badly

There may be some waiting to do for Starfield until the retailers offer pre-orders. Although it isn't available at many retailers right now, we'll update this article as soon as it becomes available. We do now some things about the game already, which you can find here.

Starfield Pre-order information

Gamestop of Ireland opened their pre-order page for the game immediately after the official announcement. The game's availability will likely increase over time, but it is likely to be available for pre-order at any brick and mortar Gamestop.

Screenshot for Starfield. it's a sandwich next to guns on a tooltable.
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Yup, these are the screenshots I wanted XBox, thank you.

Starfield will not be released until November 11, 2022. While the game is an entire year and a half away, businesses should begin offering pre-orders due to the release date being revealed.

Amazon has a download code pre-order available, but that is from two years ago. We will update this link when it has the newest version.

As of right now, Starfield is only available on PC and Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Starfield will only be available for those who have Xbox

PlayStation users will not be able to play Starfield since it will be exclusive to Xbox. Microsoft has started stating that Xbox players will be the only ones able to access its properties. The Elder Scrolls and Fallout may follow Starfield as the first big push.

Concept artwork for Starfield. There are people walking around a sci-fi area.
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The concept artwork is much more revealing than the screenshots shown

Does pre-ordering the game make sense? Gamepass subscribers will be able to enjoy Starfield on Day 1 after its release on Xbox. The Xbox Game Pass is being promoted hard, and Bethesda is definitely being utilized properly. This is a big hit to Sony.

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