Starfield Leak Could Suggest The Game Is Set In Our Solar System And Will Have Spaceports

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Another Starfield leak has emerged on the internet ahead of a reported reveal at E3 2021, this time showing an asset that wasn't quite finished, but it does reveal that the game takes place in our solar system.

Found on Reddit, user Rynderend, reposted a leaked Starfield image that was deleted and transferred the file to Photoshop, where he discovered that it was partially transparent and that it was likely unfinished.

Rynderend also compared the hosting sights for the leak and the image hosting sites and they are the same, further suggesting the leak is real and came from the source code.

As for what the leak includes, eagle-eyed commenters in the Reddit thread have found that the HUD, which leaked in previous images, can be found on the watch in the image.

The bottom left of the image also has what looks like a spaceport or city of some kind, with its towering, monolithic structures and landing pads.

The game also appears to take place in our Solar System as the half-drawn planet in the bottom right has a symbol under it which means Neptune, suggesting the other planets are Venus and Mars (based on their colour).

The image also features text, such as "gravitational constant" and "doesn't have any moons" suggesting that this could be some kind of diary or journal the player's character has in-game.

The image shows a half-finished asset, which pictures some spaceships, a watch, a spaceport surrounded by planets, and some text.
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So, whilst this image hasn't been confirmed as from the game, it does seem likely that it is as there are a lot of connections with previous leaks, such as the HUD.

Starfield has slowly been getting more and more attention as we approach E3 and industry insiders are claiming that the game will indeed be an Xbox exclusive and release in 2021.

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