Starfield Exclusive To Xbox And PC, Journalist Confirms

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Starfield is reportedly exclusive to Xbox and PC platforms, according to journalist Jeff Grubb and YouTube creator Rand al Thor 19.

Posted on Twitter in the early hours of the morning both individuals tweeted out about the game with Rand al Thor saying that he and Jeff Grubb tweeted out the news, to avoid any confusion or having Grubb's words twisted.

"Starfield is exclusive to the Xbox and PC. Period. This is me confirming that." That is Jeff Grubb's confirmation, with him also stating that he has been able to confirm this with his sources.

This is huge news for Xbox and PC players, as well as subscribers to Xbox Game Pass, as this will mean the game will be a big exclusive for the platforms whenever it releases and a huge launch entering Game Pass on day one.


PlayStation players have been holding out hope for Bethesda's games on PS4 and PS5 ever since Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda was announced. Back in March, most of those hopes were dashed with Microsoft saying that new Bethesda games will be "exclusive to platforms where Game Pass exists".

This news today reaffirms that stance and suggests that all future Bethesda games that haven't already released on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch will not come to those platforms.

A leak last week showcased some art that confirmed that Starfield will be set in our solar system. We still aren't sure when the game will release but fans are speculating that it might be this year, as Microsoft has bought advertising time for the title.