Stardew Valley Update 1.5.6 - Everything We Know So Far

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Following Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone's announcement for Haunted Chocolatier back in October, Stardew Valley's future looked uncertain. Having told us there might not be another update back in September, a small update just dropped with Version 1.5.5.

While that mostly involves bug fixes and additional support for modders - you can find the full patch notes here - he also explicitly mentions that a Version 1.5.6 update is on it's way. However, at this time, we've not got a release date for it.


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Stardew Valley's Latest Update Hints at Future Plans

According to ConcernedApe, new content "may" appear in this next update, though he cautions it won't be a big one. Specifically, he advised:

A 1.5.6 update is also currently underway. We're working directly with PathosChild (creator of SMAPI, a very popular Stardew modding tool) to add even more modding support to the game, including some long requested "holy grail" changes which should make some aspects of modding much easier in the future. We've given PathosChild source code access to help us accomplish this task.
There may be some new content in 1.5.6, too, but it's not going to be anything huge like 1.5.

As such, don't go expecting anything huge for Stardew Valley's next patch, though it's nice to see he's still supporting it. Either way, we know further changes are on the way and as always, we'll keep you informed as we learn further details.