Stardew Valley Modder Encourages You to Stay Up Late and Take Breaks

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A promo screenshot for Stardew Valley.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

Despite its laid-back vibes, Stardew Valley players are just as prone to bouts of hardcore gaming as their peers in games like GTA and Skyrim.

The game’s modding community often reflects this, whether it’s pumping out fresh files adding Pokemon to the valley or doing unspeakable things to grandpa.

Now, however, it seems one modder is begging Stardew stans to make a permanent choice between chilling out and approaching things with the kind of hectic zeal that builds empires.


The Key to Stardew is Knowing When to Go Hard and When to Go Home

The first of modder Krutonium’s newest works is called “Stay up Late” and caters to the more energetic Stardew crowd, by removing their mandatory bedtimes.

As you’d expect, forgoing the allure of sleep will give you some more time to get things done, whether it’s a bout of early morning exploring or just some frantic 3 am farming.

The catch comes in the form of your stamina, which will gradually begin to run out once the clock ticks past 2 am, making it a race against time to get things done before you run out of energy and pass out.

A promo screenshot for Stardew Valley.
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Credit: Image via Mobygames.

Luckily, if you’re the type who prefers not to end up feeling like a zombie and cursing the day you were born, another of Krutonium’s creations might be more up your alley.


This mod, called “Take a Break”, allows you to stand still and do nothing in exchange for some health and energy regeneration.

It’s designed primarily to save you the trip back to grab a snack or go to the bathhouse if you’re in the middle of some mining or farming and run out of juice.

However, if you’re just after a rest and a chance to take in the scenery, it’ll work for that too, as long as you make sure there’s nothing nearby to attack you while you chill out.

If standing is still too much work for you, one of Krutonium’s older mods, called “Sit and Rest”, which allows you to sit on a chair and engage in some sweet regeneration.

So, either kick back or adjust the matchsticks keeping your eyes open and follow us for more updates on the weird and wonderful modding communities of games like Skyrim, Elden Ring and of course Stardew Valley, which might be in line for a modding-focused update soon.