Stardew Valley: Walkthrough Hub

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The image is of the Stardew Valley title screen. The image shows the words "stardew valley" made out of pieces of wood and placed on a larger piece of wood. The background is blue and there are fluffy white clouds scattered across it.

Stardew Valley is the farming RPG from Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone. In the game, you inherit your grandfather's farm in Stardew Valley and it's a complete mess when you get it. It's up to you to restore the farm and to start a successful new life in Pelican Town. There are many aspects of the game for you to master and we have plenty of guides to help you along the way. We've put every single guide we have for the game in this helpful walkthrough hub!

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Table of Contents


You can find all of our guides for basic gameplay here.



We've put all of our guides based on preparing your land for and growing your own crops.


This is where you can find our guides on caring for your farm animals.


Stardew Valley. The player is standing in the middle of the image and looking at the white chicken on their left. The white chicken is facing the player and they have a love heart above their heads.


Our guides revolving around completing tasks for and making friendships with Villagers can be found here.



This is where you can find all of our dungeon guides.


All of our guides centered around finding and using different resources can be found below.


We will update this hub as we create more guides for Stardew Valley. You can make your farm look how you want and run it how you want, but there's no harm in asking for a little help along the way.