Stardew Valley Sprinklers Guide: How To Water Your Crops With Ease

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Watering your crops in Stardew Valley can quickly become tedious and frustrating. You may start off by enjoying it but quickly realising as you plant for crops, it's a lot more work and you lose the majority of your energy. This is where sprinklers become vital to a player! They can automatically water your crops so you don't really have to do anything at all apart from selling the crops and make some money, perfect. So, if you want to find out how to make sprinklers and all the different types then keep reading.

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Sprinklers Guide

Basic Sprinkler

The basic sprinkler is the first type you'll be able to craft and will become available at level 2 of farming. They can water up to four crops at a time as they reach one tile each way, top, bottom, left and right. They aren't ideal as you'll have to place your crops in an odd shape but early on in the game they will be useful. If you place it in the wrong place just hit it with an axe or pickaxe and it will go into your inventory. It might not even be worth crafting them and instead, upgrade your tools.

  • 1x Copper bar
  • 1x Iron bar

Quality Sprinkler

The next sprinkler will unlock at farming level 6, the quality sprinkler is a lot more efficient than the basic ones. These will allow you to water eight crops at a time, meaning all tiles surrounding the sprinkler will be watered. These are a lot more useful as you don't have to worry about the pesky gaps that the basic sprinkler creates. You can actually sell these for 450G per sprinkler once you decide to switch to iridium sprinklers. Be sure to leave atleast two spaces between each sprinkler so that they don't overlap.

  • 1x Iron bar
  • 1x Gold bar
  • 1x Refined quartz

Iridium Sprinkler


Now for the holy grail, the iridium sprinkler. These sprinklers are a farmer's best friend, watering 24 tiles at a time in a large square. Most of the components are easy enough to get, gold can be found in the mines, battery packs come from lightning rods but the iridium is a bit trickier to get your hands on. You'll need to enter the Skull Cavern in the desert which requires reaching level 120 in the regular mine and repair the vault which will cost you 42,500G. You'll also need to be level 9 farming so these sprinklers are more so for later in the game.

  • 1x Gold bar
  • 1x Iridium bar
  • 1x Battery pack

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