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Stardew Valley Seasons Guide: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Best Crops


Stardew Valley contains seasons, in each one, players will find new foragables, fish and more. The game mimics real life in the way that certain crops can only be planted in a specific season, this is when planning is essential for the farming title. Below you can find the crops we think are best to plant in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, as well as some alternatives.

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Seasons Guide



You'll start in the Spring in Stardew Valley, the most lucrative crop, Strawberries, won't be easy to get a hold of as they're simply too expensive and require an event. If you're in the second year then definitely save up to get these seeds and plant as many as possible. You'll need 100G per seed and will be able to sell your harvest for 120G per item.

Otherwise Potatoes, Cauliflower and Rhubarb are good options. Potatoes will take 6 days to grow, costing 50G and selling for 80G, Cauliflower takes 12 days to grow, which will set you back 80G but sell for 175G and lastly Rhubarb takes the longest to grow with 13 days, costing 100G and selling for 220G.


Blueberries will be the best seeds to plant in the Summer, costing 80G and selling for 50G per crop. You should make 150G+ per harvest as three Blueberries will be yielded each time. If you plant them on the first day of summer you can make up to 600G per plant throughout the season. 

If you don't decide to go with Blueberries then Corn, Hops and Starfruit will be a good choice. Corn will take 14 days to grow, costing 150G and selling for 50G but they will keep growing through Summer and Fall, Hops take 11 days to grow, which will cost you 60G but sell for 20G (can be turned into pale ale to sell for more) and Starfruit takes 13 days to grow, costing 400G and selling for 750G.


Buy Cranberries seeds form Pierre's Store for 75G each, once harvested you can make 240G per unit. It'll produce two units each harvest so you'll make a profit of 150G for each plant, the plus side is that they only take 7 days to mature and another 5 to reproduce crops, you can do this 5 times throughout the Fall.

If Cranberries aren't your things then give Bok Choy or Pumpkins a shot. Bok Choy will take 4 days to grow, costing 50G which sells for 80G and Pumpkins will take 13 days which the seeds can be bought for 100G then told for 320G.



There isn't much you can grow in the Winter, unless you have a greenhouse, if you do then just go for whatever you find most lucrative! Although, you can use Winter Seeds which will grow a variety of Winter foragables.

So if you want to make as much money as possible with crops follow the above, otherwise, you might want to set up some sprinklers to save energy, find out how-to here. You'll also need iridium for certain sprinklers!

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