Stardew Valley Multiplayer: How To Start A Farm With Friends Local And Online

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Stardew Valley is a fun and relaxing title to play on your own but sometimes the workload can be a little too much to bear alone. Luckily you don't have to, you can actually play with friends. There are a few options to choose from, whether its co-op on the couch or playing with friends around the world. Below we'll run you through how to set up a multiplayer game, so keep reading!

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Stardew Valley Multiplayer

To start a multiplayer game from scratch, head to the co-op section in the main menu, here you can join a friend or start your own farm. You may want to select the 'starting cabins' option depending on the number of players in your game, anyone joining will need a cabin to be able to do so. The Four Corners map is a great farm to use when playing multiplayer as it's split into four sections for each player.


If you already have a farm and just want to add a friend then head to the multiplayer section, click 'start local co-op'. Now you should have a split-screen setup, time to argue over who gets what side...


Singleplayer Save To Multiplayer

If you already have a farm and want to invite friends to it, you'll need to dish out some coin. Go to Robin and ask her to build you a cabin, you can have up to three on your farm. Each will cost you 100 gold and 10 stones or 10 wood these will be constructed instantly so you won't have to wait like you usually do.

Now you can do any of the above methods to get your friends in-game.

That's all you need to know to set up a game with friends, if you're wondering about what map would be best to use, check out our guide here. Otherwise, mods might be of interest to you, a list of our favourites can be found here.