Stardew Valley: How To Get Through the Haunted Maze

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Stardew Valley. The player is standing by the fountain in the centre of the haunted maze.
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The Spirit Festival happens on the 27th day of Fall in Stardew Valley. It's essentially the game's version of Halloween and the spooky fun starts at 10pm. When the festival begins, the entire town square of Pelican Town is filled with villagers and a cage with Skeletons in it. The biggest attraction is the Haunted Maze. We're going to show you how to get through the haunted maze to find the treasure at the end of it.

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How To Get Through the Haunted Maze

We've put together step-by-step instructions on how to complete the maze and how to find all of the hidden treasure chest at the end of it.

  1. Enter the maze using the steps to the left of the Doctor's Surgery.
  1. Go to your right straight away and keep walking until you hit the maze wall.
  2. Head straight through the hands reaching through the ground and take your first left.
  3. Follow the path around and go left again when you see the TV with static on it.
  4. Keep to this path and it will take you to the fountain.
  5. From the fountain, go left and walk past the family of Spiders.
  6. Follow the path until you come to an area with 4 statues in it and where the ground is littered with bones.
  7. Walk slightly into this area, then head to your left and back down through the opening. This area should have a sign with a question mark on it.
  8. Walk to the question mark and you should find that you can walk through the hedge next to it.
  9. When you are through the hedge, head up and into a doorway in the side of the rock. In here, walk to your right and keep walking until you come out on the other side.
  10. Walk up to the chest and interact with it to get the Golden Pumpkin. Return the way you came until you get back to the sign with the question mark.
  11. Head back the way you came until you reach the TV with the static in it. From here, head down to your right and to your left to get back out of the Maze.
Stardew Valley. The player is holding a golden pumpkin above their head in the Haunted Maze. The haunted house can be seen to the right.

What Does the Golden Pumpkin Do?

The Golden Pumpkin can be sold inside your farm's Shipping Bin for 2,500G. Do not try to sell it to Pierre as he won't be interested in buying this.

If you don't want to sell it then you can make it into a Witch Hat. To do this, use the sewing machine at Emily's house. You can use the sewing machine gifted by Emily if you have one. The alternative is to use it as a gift but do not give it to Penny, Sebastian or Caroline.


Seasonal festivals can provide valuable rewards and fun in Stardew Valley. If you're still building your farm then you should take a look at our guide that shows you how to build a Silo. Also, you should take a look at our villager gift guide if you're trying to make friendships or maybe more with some villagers.

Updated December 9th, 2021 by Marie Pritchard. Contributions from Gemma Le Conte.