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Stardew Valley: How To Get A Golden Pumpkin And What It Does


If you have friends that play Stardew Valley or you're a member of online groups you may have heard about Golden Pumpkins. You might have even stumbled across one, now you're unsure what it does and what to do. Keep reading to find out how to get one if you haven't and what you can do with it.

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How To Get A Golden Pumpkin

You can get a Golden Pumpkin during the Spirit's Eve Festival which takes place on the 27th of Fall. To find one, head north when you arrive at the festival. Go through the maze until you find a sign with a question mark, pass through the bushes on the left of the sign and into the cave which is north. Keep going east, then south and you'll find a treasure chest, inside is a Golden Pumpkin. They can also be found inside Artifact Troves.

What Does It Do?

Golden Pumpkins can be sold inside your farm's Shipping Bin for 2,500g, don't try to sell it to Pierre as he won't buy it.

You can actually turn it into a Witch Hat at the sewing machine at Emily's house, or you can use the sewing machine gifted by Emily if she has done so. You can also use it as a gift but bear in mind that Penny, Sebastian and Caroline all hate this as a gift, most other NPCs will love it.

That's all you need to know about Golden Pumpkins, if this sort of thing interests you, maybe the secret notes will too! Click here to read our guide.

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