Stardew Valley Best Mods That Greatly Improve the Game

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Stardew Valley in itself is a brilliant game and loved by many, the solo developer title has become a must-have title for avid gamers and even those that don't really play games. Even though it's amazing, like others, mods can make the world of difference. We've rounded up some of the best mods you can get, so let's dive in.

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Stardew Valley Best Mods

NPC Map Locations

If there's one thing I absolutely despise about Stardew Valley, it's finding the NPCs, I don't have the capacity to remember their daily routine. The number of times I'll remember it's someone's birthday way too late into the day, they're already at home and I can't get in, it's infuriating. Well, now you don't have to pull your hair out any longer, download NPC Map Location. This mod will allow you to check the map and find exactly where the townie is at that time.

Get the NPC Map Locations mod by clicking here.


Movement Speed 

The walking speed in Stardew Valley is pretty awful. Fair enough you can get a horse further into the game but that takes plenty of hours walking back and forth at a snail's pace. This mod will allow you to get around the map a lot faster than before as well as increasing the charging time of your hoe and watering can.

Get the Movement Speed mod by clicking here.

Gift Taste Helper


If you're a long time player you likely know whatever villager loves, we do not have this in common, I'm probably the worst friend the NPCs could have. Luckily I don't have to remember because Gift Taste Helper does all that for me. You can access information about all the gifts you've given villagers over time, what they love and more.

Get the Gift Taste Helper mod by clicking here.

Save Anywhere

If you've ever sat down to just chill and play Stardew only for something else to come up in the middle of it, you're not alone. The major issue with this is that, to save players will need to sleep in their bed, if you're halfway through your day in-game this can be a little problematic. With this mod you no longer have to worry, you can save anywhere, any time.


Get the Save Anywhere mod by clicking here.

Look Up Anything

Look Up Anything is an absolute godsend, using the F1 key you can look up all relevant information about something. For example, you can do it with your animals to find out if they are cold, your relationship with them, their sale price and even what sort of goods they are going to produce. Hover over crops to find out how long until they can be harvested and more!

Get the Look Up Anything mod by clicking here.


Enemy Health Bars

THANK YOU to the creator of this mod. Enemy Health Bars is pretty self-explanatory, it gives enemies... health bars. Now you can visibly see whether it's worth trying to kill an enemy whilst on low health.

Get the Enemy Health Bars mod by clicking here.

So those are our favourite mods for Stardew Valley, if solo play isn't for you, why not try playing with friends, find out how to here