Stardew Valley 1.5 LEAKS New Enemies, Machines, Furniture And More

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Stardew Valley is all about being patient and taking your time, but the game's community can be pretty impatient.

The game released four years ago and it's still receiving massive patches and new content.


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Update 1.5 Leaks

Developer ConcernedApe has been extremely diligent over the years to create the title we know and love.

We've seen updates that tweaked nearly every feature in the game like the "Everything Update".


To simpler things such as new farm maps!

ConcernedApe has been hinting to update 1.5 all over Twitter.

Here's what we know is new so far.

User CalebAurion took to Reddit to label the new items they spotted in the split-screen announcement.


Below are the items in the image above and what they are speculated to be:

  • Sunglasses Slim
  • Red-Eyed Slime
  • New Foraging Item (Ginger?)
  • Square Chest
  • Striped Chest
  • Bone Machine
  • Two More New Machines
  • Sun Totem
  • Telephone

That's all that's been spotted so far but no doubt we'll see more before the release of the new update.


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