Stardew Valley Mod Brings Pokemon to the Country Life RPG

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An image of Pokemon in Stardew Valley.
Credit: The Krominator on Nexus Mods.

Whether it’s adding Halo to Fallout 4 or making The Witcher 3’s Yennefer a Skyrim follower, some modders just can’t help but bring tastes of other titles to games that they love.

A new Stardew Valley mod does exactly this, adding the loveable creatures of Pokémon into the game’s idyllic rural setting.

So, don your baseball cap and grab your Poké Balls, because it’s time to catch them all!

Stardew Valley Modder Brings Pokémon to Country Life RPG

The mod, called “Pokémania The Return” is by The Krominator and essentially serves as a 2022 re-imagining/update of an old school Stardew Valley Pokémon mod that’s been lost to the mists of time.

Working by re-texturing many of the creatures and plants you can in Stardew Valley into Pokémon of different varieties of Pokémon, the mod even offers Pokédex entries for some of them.

So, where do you have to head to find your favourites? Well, the answer is kind of everywhere.

For example, odds are you won’t have to head far to find a Poochyena or a Meowth, as there’s a chance your beloved dog or cat will have been transformed into one.

Head over to your farm’s animal enclosures and you might be lucky enough to spot any of a number of Pokemon based on domesticated creatures, from Grumpigs, to Gogoats and even Psyducks.

Not all of the Pokemon are friendly, as the game’s caves will be home to a range of hostile creatures, including Haunters, Zubats and even Digletts.


More still can be found roaming all over the valley, from Panchams, to Magikarp and Slowpokes.

The Krominator also has several other features planned for the mod’s future, including adding more pokemon, replacing the default animal noises with specific Pokémon cries and even adding in some extra dynamic music from the world of Pokémon.

So, give the mod a try and follow us for more updates on the weird and wonderful modding communities of games like Skyrim and Stardew Valley.

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