Stardew Valley: How To Solve a Winter Mystery Quest

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Stardew Valley. Winter Season, the player encounters a shadowy figure for the start of the winter mystery quest. The player is on the left of the screen and looking at the shadowy figure in the centre of the screen.

One day in Winter, you will come across a shadowy figure in Stardew Valley. If you exit your farm and head towards Pelican Town, you will spot the figure but it will soon run away. It's your job to solve where the shadowy figure has gone and why it seemed to panic when it saw you. We're here to show you how to solve a winter mystery quest!

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How To Solve a Winter Mystery Quest

After you encounter the shadowy figure and you receive the quest outline, head into Pelican Town. When you are in the town, head up to Pierre's shop and walk past the Doctor's Surgery on the left. Keep walking until you come across the set of steps that lead up to the Community Center area.

If you look on the ground, you should see a set of small footprints in the snow that lead up those steps. Follow the footprint trail up the steps and to the fountain. They will stop because of the fountain but they continue on the other side.

Keep following the footprints up to the playground area. They should lead you straight to a large bush. All you need to do is walk behind this bush and press your action button to get the shadowy figure to jump out. They will rapidly apologize for stealing something and hand it back to you before disappearing again. This is how you get your Magnifying Glass for reading secret notes.

Stardew Valley. Winter Season, the player is following footprints in the snow left by the shadowy figure. They are leading up to the bush to the right of the playground.

Alongside Farming, solving big and small mysteries is a part of life in Stardew Valley. There's always something to do in Pelican Town whether it's foraging for fruit or helping a villager. If you want to make friends with some villagers, you should take a look at our villager gift guide. However, if farming is where you find your joy, you can take a look at our guide on how to feed chickens.