Stardew Valley: How To Check the Date and Season

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Stardew Valley. Standard Farm in Spring Year 1. The player, Marnie and a dog are standing on the wooden decking of the house. The ground around the farm is bare.
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What crops you grow and what fish you can find will all change with the seasons in Stardew Valley. Some seeds can only be planted and cultivated in specific season, therefore you might find yourself out of pocket if you get the timing wrong. This is why we're going to show you how to check the date and season so you can plan out what you're going to do on your farm.

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How To Check the Date and Season

You can check the date and the season that you are on in the game in the same way. To be able to check the date and season, you will need a calendar. When you interact with a calendar you will be shown the following:

  • The date
  • The season
  • Which villagers have birthdays in that season and when
  • The dates of seasonal festivals for that particular season
Stardew Valley. Pierre's Calendar Spring, Year 1. The image is of a calendar for the spring season in year one. The date shows it is the 9th day of Spring.

You can buy a calendar from the carpenter's shop that can be found in the North East of Pelican Town. Once you have bought this, you can place it on the wall in your home but it will cost you a lot of gold. Alternatively, you can walk up to the noticeboard outside Pierre's shop and interact with the calendar there for free.

Does the Clock at the Top of the Screen Show the Date and Season?

Yes! The clock that you can see in the top right-hand corner of your screen will tell you which season you are in. If you look at the clock in the image below, you should notice that there is a pink flower symbol next to the weather icon. This is indicating that it is currently the Spring season:

Stardew Valley. A rainy day in Pelican Town in Spring Year 1. The player is standing on a dirt path in the rain. The clock is visible in the top right of the screen. The clock is showing that it is morning on Thursday 11 in Spring. The tools/inventory menu is at the top of the screen and it is full.

The date is also at the top of this clock. The image shows that the date is Thursday 11. This is a good way of quickly checking the season and date but it's better to own a calendar as it tells you about important events that are happening.

Once you know the season you are in and what date you are on, you can choose to plant new crops or prepare for the next season. We have a few guides that can help you develop your farm in Stardew Valley. We have one that shows you how to get iridium (a valuable resource) and another that shows you how to water your crops with ease.