Stardew Valley: How To Build a Coop For Ducks and Chickens

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Stardew Valley. The player is stood to the left of their basic coop. The coop is on the right. It's green with a brown door and brown roof. There is a small brown fence holding hay and a bucket of water on the right of the coop.

When you want to start raising animals on your farm in Stardew Valley you are going to need a coop. A coop will house smaller animals for your farm such as Chickens or Ducks. If you are at the beginning of the game then getting a coop should be one of your first quests. However, it's quite a process to get one. This is why we're going to show you how to get a coop.

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Table of Contents

How To Build a Coop

You need to following materials and money to build a basic coop:

  • 4000G
  • 100 Stone
  • 300 Wood

When you have the materials for your Coop, you will need to speak to Robin, The Carpenter, at her shop. Her shop can be found in the North East section of Pelican Town, just past the community centre. When you get to the building, head into it and interact with the till if Robin is standing behind it. You then need to select the "Construct Farm Building Options".

Stardew Valley. The Carpenter's menu shows a basic coop. The image shows that the coop will cost 4000G, 100 Stone and 300 wood pieces. The cursor is hovering over the "build" option.

Once you are given the option to build a coop, select the small hammer icon to start construction. Robin will inform you that she will start construction the next day and the coop will be ready two days after she begins.


How Many Animals Can a Coop Have?

The number of animals a coop can have will depend on which type of coop you have.

  • Basic Coop: This can house 4 animals.
  • Big Coop: This one can house 8 animals.
  • Deluxe Coop: This one can house 12 animals.

Having more animals housed within one coop can mean you get more profit with less work. This is why it's a good idea to upgrade the coop when you can.


How To Upgrade a Coop

After you have built a basic coop you can visit Robin again to ask her to upgrade it. As you upgrade the coop, you will be able to house more animals and unlock handy features such as an automated feeding system. Each upgrade will cost slightly more in terms of materials and money. Upgrades will take two days to complete.

Once you have a coop in Stardew Valley you can start raising small animals such as Chickens who can give you Eggs. Being a farmer is tough work so we have created some guides to help you. We have one guide that shows you how to restore your energy and we have another that shows you how to water your crops with ease.