WCS 2015 - Premier League Season 2 Ro32 Group C Results

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Two experienced veterans, two young newcomers, and only two spots available in the Ro16. Group C is looking mighty intriguing:



Name: Joseph 'Ret' de KroonTeam: Team LiquidRegion: EuropeRace: ZergRet is making his return to the WCS Premier League, having last appeared nearly two years ago in 2013, but the ever macro-ing veteran Zerg is determined to make his comeback in 2015.

Name: Hu 'Mystery' JiajuTeam: Currently Teamless/UnknownRegion: ChinaRace: ProtossNever heard of Mystery? Most haven't. Hu came out of nowhere beating MacSed, XY, and Cloudy to make his WCS Premier League debut. He is a Top 100 Grand Master competitor in KR however, so perhaps the veil of Mystery will be to his benefit.

Name: Alexis 'MarineLorD' EusebioTeam: MilleniumRegion: EuropeRace: TerranMarineLorD is yet another young up-and-comer in Group C. Having been pegged as the 'underdog' Terran for a number of years, MarineLorD is in his first Premier League and now is the time to show the world what he's got in him.

Name: Kim 'viOLet' Dong HwanTeam: Team EnVyUsRegion: South KoreaRace: ZergviOLet, another long-standing veteran, is back once again. Having been eliminated earlier in the year in Season 1's Ro32 (also in Group C, bizarrely), he is back for Season 2 and making Team EnVyUs proud.


The Twitch VoDs and results are below. Highlight with your mouse if you want to see spoilers. Check back soon for more Premier League goodness!

First Series Mystery vs. Ret 1-2
Second SeriesviOLet vs. MarineLorD2-0
Lower BracketMystery vs. MarineLorD0-2
Upper BracketRet vs. viOLet2-1
Deciding SeriesMarineLorD vs. viOLet2-1

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