Solar Wins StarCraft Spring Masters II

(Photo by @joebradyphoto)

After a gruelling weekend of tough competition, Solar has won the Gfinity StarCraft Spring Masters II Championship! Fending off such world renowned and illustrious players as Hydra, sOs, and - Gfinity's G3 Champion - Liquid Bunny!

This is the 18 year old's first Gfinity Championship – netting him a monumental $5,000 and 300 WCS Points in the process. The Finals saw Solar taking on Hydra, in an incredibly tense ZvZ match-up, which saw Solar snatch away victory from the grasp of previous Gfinity Masters Finalist Hydra. Eventually taking it home with an extremely impressive 4-1 in the Best of 7 series.

There will be a full review, retrospective, and recap of all the happening of the event later this week on Gfinity.

(Photo by @joebradyphoto)


However, you may want to beat the Zerg Rush for the next SC Masters event. Tickets are available right now for the StarCraft Summer Masters I on June 5th-7th - live at the Gfinity Arena in Fulham Broadway - here:

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