Star Wars Squadrons: Will Support HOTAS Joysticks and Throttles on PlayStation and Xbox

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Star Wars Squadrons looks to be a great game for those that love the franchise and space/flight simulation.

A first-person dogfighting simulator, this is what Star Wars fans have been waiting for since EA’s use of the license kicked off in 2013.

Here's what we know about HOTAS controls.

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HOTAS Controls

Developers Motive Studios have stated that PC will support HOTAS controls.

This means support for throttle and joystick will come to consoles too.

A HOTAS is a controller that lets players keep both hands on throttle-and-stick.

In Squadrons this will let pilots use throttle and joystick peripherals, meaning their control when manoeuvring starships will be more precise.

Games like Flight Simulator on PC are accustomed to HOTAS controls already.

Although, these controls aren't as common on console!


Games such as Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown and Elite: Dangerous are some of the few that do have access to these controls.

Star Wars Squadrons will be the next to join this elite group.

Motive Studios have put an insane amount of detail into the game so for so it's no surprise that they decided to put HOTAS controls into Squadrons.

This feature also balances out some issues with cross-play, due to different platforms having different controls etc, sometimes specific ones will have the upper hand.

HOTAS bridges the gap by allowing all users on any platform to use the controls, creating a level playing field.

According to Motive, there won’t be any restriction on ranked play based on platforms or controls, so it’s important to make sure every option is available for every player, whether they use them or not.

Star Wars Squadrons will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, on October the 2nd.

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